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Creative Hungarian Artist - living and working in Paradise (Santa Barbara, California)



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About Me

Where did the artist's name Pali-X-Mano come from?

Pali is for Paul in Hungarian. X is an abbreviation for eXperi-mental.

Mano is Hungarian for 'little mischief' and also means 'hand' in Latin.

Pali is the youngest child in the family, at far right in the family portrait.


People say that Pali is a prolific artist in the Santa Barbara, California art scene. He is the creator of gigantic floats and whimsical costumes in the annual Santa Barbara Solstice parade. Wildly flamboyant, he struts around town and attends public receptions arriving in his hand-painted cars and suits.

He enjoys directing and creating multi-media videos in which he is dancing and painting and interacting with live musicians and the audience.

Every year he attends the Burning Man Festival with his illuminated inflatable sculptures attached to the top of his decorated Art Car.




Graduate of the Hungarian Academy of Art and Design, Budapest, 1982.

Santa Barbara City College, Art and Multimedia Arts classes, 1998 - present.